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February 15, 2006

Feb - Management for the Rest of Us

Continuing last month's Process Improvement Made Easy theme, Iíve written two more articles to help explain what itís all about. But before that, let me tell you a storyÖ

My washing machine was leaking, which is bad news with re-usable nappies piling up. The washing machine was dragged out and towels put down. 3 weeks of filter checking, small load versus big load, fabric softener versus no fabric softener, hot wash versus cold wash, and many sodden towels followed. Having stubbed my toe on the still pulled out machine for the 1000th time (and thatís no exaggeration :>), I found a good deal on the net for a replacement machine.

But true to my Scottish nature, before I flexed my credit card, I found a local man to try his luck fixing the machine. He subjected me to 15 minutes of why, when, how much, how often, until he came to his conclusion. With one twist of a screwdriver, the problem was fixed. (For all you technophiles out there, he reduced the water flow). Genius! Here in my kitchen was a root cause analyst expert, solving my problem for a tenth of the price I was prepared to pay.

Thatís why the skills of root cause analysis are important. Hereís an article explaining Cause and Effect Diagrams, a key tool in effective problem solving. Iíve included another example of Root Cause Analysis in action in case you needed more proof.

Iíd like to introduce another guest writer this month, Jim Estill, CEO of SYNNEX Canada, a $1 billion computer distributor. Jim has given his insights on how to deal with difficult people, (and heís known a few), in ď11 Tips on How to Deal With Difficult PeopleĒ. Until next time.

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1. Process Improvement Made Easy: Cause and Effect aka Fishbone aka Ishikawa Diagram Explained
The Ishikawa diagram comes under many guises; cause and effect diagram or fishbone diagram, but it’s generally referring to the same problem solving tool. In this Process Improvement Made Easy article, is the fishbone diagram explained....

2. Process Improvement Made Easy: Root Cause Analysis In Action
Root cause analysis sounds painful, like a dentist’s nastiest procedure. Here’s an example of why root cause analysis is valuable, saving time, money and headaches..

3. 11 tips on Dealing with Difficult People
Guest contributer Jim Estill, CEO of SYNNEX Canada, a $1 billion computer distributor gives his insights on how to deal with difficult people...


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