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September 13, 2005

Sept - Management for the Rest of Us

Thank for your patience during the gap in newsletters. As predicted, my drum has been beating to my new daughter's tune, which is a very different thing from anything I've known before! Who needs sleep anyway!

In a mild panic about writing new articles, I remembered the old adage of "physician heal thyself" and thought instead, I would share how I've used the tips and learnings in my articles to manage the major change in my personal life.

Any busy person, parent or not, will appreciate taking another look at this article on Managing Ambiguity, explaining the relationship between Anxiety, Importance and Uncertainty, and what you can do to change your personal approach to uncertain situations.

My personal anxiety meter has gone from it's usual mellow range, up to a higher level, with occasional artery tightening blips way-off the scale. Babies are unpredictable (when will this wailing session end??) and important (my baby has a sore tummy, I want to help!). Keeping in mind the airplane safety advice about fitting your oxygen mask before you help others, I've made it my mission to stay calm in the face of a wailing child! I've regulary been using relaxation downloads to help make me one chilled out mamma, more effective at baby calming!

This change managment article reflects on the dynamics of change, and uses a driving analogy to help understand the difference between minor and major change.

When you've been awake all night and day nursing a baby, the last thing you want to do is house-work. I've let myself be okay with dust mountains instead of molehills, reduced the frequency of house-work and lowered my "red-line". But I got from first to second gear by encouraging my husband to buy a trendy new super cyclone vacuum thingy, which he now happily whizzes round the house. I will be cruising at top speed when I hire a cleaner!

And finally, here's a new article on something I want to avoid - don't throw the baby out with the bathwater! It's about how you can lose sight of your goals when you're tired or worn down by drudgery, and what you can do to save the baby!

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1. Managing Ambiguity: Dealing Successfully With Uncertain Situations
If something is uncertain and important, it can create much anxiety. Learn how to manage ambiguity effectively.....

2. Change Management: Shift Up a Gear!
Change never stops, it just changes speed. Make sure you can accelerate to keep pace.......

3. 3 Tips For Prioritizing Tasks: Don't Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater
3 tips for prioritizing tasks, with an illuminating insight from our predecessors.....


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