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December 18, 2005

Dec - Management for the Rest of Us

'Tis the season to be jolly fah-lah-lah-lah-lah-la-la-lah-lah. I'm looking forward to next week, as here in Scotland, (okay and most of the Northern Hemisphere), it's the Winter solstice and the days will start getting longer again. The sun is a bit lazy here, getting up around 8.30am and going to bed about 3.30pm, so most of the day is spent under artificial light. And no artificial light is as harsh as the glare of your colleagues the morning after the night of the office party. Here are some office party do's and don'ts to help you negotiate this tricky social experience and come out unscathed.

And although the tinsel is twinkling, work goes on, so here are 7 Business Meeting Etiquette Tips to help you be more productive in meetings. I've added an extra article giving example ground-rules which although potentially tricky to introduce as an idea, have endless merit when adopted by a group.

Have a great holiday, and joyous New Year!

Warm Regards
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Lyndsay Swinton

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1. Office Party Do's and Don'ts
Office party season can make or break your career. Work the office party to your advantage by following these quick and easy do's and don'ts.

2. 7 Business Meeting Etiquette Tips
Use these 7 business meeting etiquette tips to brush up your meeting skills and be more productive.

3. Example Groundrules
A simple tip on holding effective business meetings is to use groundrules - here's how..


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