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December 16, 2004

December - Management for the Rest of Us


Having finally rescued my PC from a mountain of sawdust, I must apologise for the delay in December's newsletters. I could say the dog ate my articles; although highly likely, is actually a lie. In reality, I've had workmen doing workmen things in the house, and my office was under seige for 4 days. So without further ado, let me tell you about this month's articles.

Continuing the theme of boosting your energy during the working day, there's an illustrated article on Desk Exercises, based on a 1907 exercise manual - check out the fine facial hair!

Most people worry about going for job interviews, so I've written an article on a stateside trend for writing job interview thank you letters - a great way to get the edge on the competition without the pressure. And to complement the article, I've included a job interview thank you letter template, so you don't even have to think too hard about what to write! Don't say I'm not good to you :>)

And of course, it's party season. People have long memories for embarrassing party antics, (particularly the people who fix the photocopiers!) so take a look at the 9 Office Party Dos and Don'ts and avoid any career limiting mistakes...!

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1. 5 Desk Exercises To Boost Your Work Energy (Illustrated)
Desk exercises can boost your work energy, burn calories and increase concentration without leaving your desk.Exercises at your desk may cause mirth in your work-mates, but once they see the benefits they’ll be doing it too. Start a trend in the office and do a desk workout today – includes an abdominal desk exercise!

2. Write Job Interview Thank You Letters and Get Your Dream Job
You’re short listed for your dream job. You want it, badly. Here’s how to get one step ahead of your competition - write a post job interview thank you letter. It says you’re keen, professional and the kind of person they want to hire. And it might be the deciding factor that gets you the job.

4. Job Interview Thank You Letter Template
Use this job interview thank you letter template and get your dream job.

5. 9 Office Party Dos and Don'ts
Office party season can make or break your career. Work the event to your advantage by following these quick and easy do’s and don’ts.


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