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December 15, 2008

December - Management for the Rest of Us

This festive newsletter comes to you with an apology and explanation.  Before you say "the dog ate my homework" I must apologise for bringing you a "retrospective" of older articles from the site.  The explanation is a case of badly managed expectations.

I've just had a minor operation, which the consultant expected to be a day case with a 4 day recovery. Not so. 11 days after I am still zombie like, and my swollen belly gave rise to tentative queries about baby number 3.  My GP swiftly corrected the recovery rate to one to two weeks, and sent me home with instructions to take it extremely easy until I felt more human. 

Now consider the alternative.  If the consultant had been more realistic, things would have turned out differently.  I would have been able to organise my working life accordingly.  I would have arranged granny support for child-care.  I would have lined up some great books to read.  And I would have written some new articles :o) 

The most important difference is I would have felt okay about recovering at a gentle pace.  No concerns about complications, no worries about anything. So, back to the point.  Managing expectations is crucial.  No sugar coating, just clean facts, sensitively delivered.  And as you'd expect, I'll be giving the consultant feedback :o)

Festive Regards
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Lyndsay Swinton

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