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September 06, 2010

Remember me?

Yup, there's been a lot of dust gathering on my Management for the Rest of Us file. So much so, you've probably forgot you signed up to this newsletter! Please accept my apologies, gloss over my excuses and get on with the show...

Management Buzzwords - useful code or hot air?

Way back then, I asked you what works and what winds you up in everyday business speak. I was curious to find out what management buzzwords you think are okay to use and what is utter nonsense. And the consensus was there is no place for jargon at work.

You think jargon is "lazy language", which "insults intelligence". However some of you think that you have to look beyond the words and "consider the source". If the words are said sincerely, then you'll let the speaker off, but if there is merest hint of showing off or one up man ship then you are raging.

To break the management jargon habit (c'mon we all do it sometimes), have some fun with Buzzword Bingo.

Over to you - procrastination survey

I'm curious whether you think procrastination is the ultimate crime or not. I had some respite from the shame of ignoring my MFTROU newsletter reminder when I casually deleted my entire calendar and to-do list from my phone, which then synched with the server... Ouch! (Personally I blame the phone design, there was no "are you sure" step designed to stop me in my tracks).

Anyway, check out this 2 minute survey to let me know your thoughts on procrastination and whether it's a good thing. Or not!

Keep nose to the grindstone

The X-Factor has just started up again in the UK - blink and it will be Christmas! My pet peeve is celebrity culture and the myth of the overnight success. Talent can get you a long way, but it's hard work that's going to get and keep you at the top.

I've put together 10 hard work quotes,to inspire some budding entrepreneurs from my local high school. They're starting Young Enterprise Scotland, a entrepreneurial scheme to "inspire and prepare all young people in a global economy" and being coached by my husband, Roger Elliott of Uncommon Knowledge. Whether you are young or young at heart, you might find some words that resonate and inspire you to great things.

"Never underestimate the power of the eyebrow" Jack Black

Back in the workplace, you might be responsible for motivating others. I've put together 6 tips on how to use team building quotes, with a few quality examples thrown in.

Management Models Explained - work your academic brain cells

If you've still got some coffee left to drink, why not check out a "Management Models Explained" article on Gemba Kaizen training. If you're down to the dregs and don't have the time, it's kind of like Total Quality Management or Six Sigma....

From the bedroom to the boardroom

And before I forget, I've started to take guest articles on the site and will introduce you to these as we go along. There's a gem from Christian Arno, founder and Managing Director of Lingo24, a UK translation company. He started in his bedroom and now has over 4,000 freelance translators and many full time home based employees. So, he really knows his stuff - check out his 7 tips for home based businesses and successful remote working

Facebook Frenzy

Management for the Rest of Us is now on Facebook. Keep up to date with new articles and icebreaker games here .

Until next month!

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