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February 08, 2005

If like me you've made a New Years Resolution to learn more and work those brain cells now and again, here are two articles that will suit you fine. As ever, Mangement For The Rest Of Us is about providing hands, no nonsense information and resources that get results, so I've translated a couple of popular management models into regular language, for you to apply in your working life. Take a few minutes to read these articles, then be daring, take a risk and use one or both of the tools in the next three weeks.... After all, we learn best by doing!

If you've ever wondered how to get the "Big Picture" on things and plan effectively for the future, this is for you. Similar to making New Years Resolutions, we can all benefit from high level, strategic planning now and again. Take a look at How To Do A SWOT Analysis: Strategic Planning Made Easy and find out how. It really is that easy!

When decisions need to made but you've no idea how, take a look at Lewin's Force Field Analysis: Decision Making Made Easy. This simple, straightforward model lets you understand the factors affecting a decision and weigh up the pros and cons BEFORE you take action. People hate indecisiveness, so brush up your decision making skills by using this tool and boost your ratings and effectiviness.

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1. How To Do A SWOT Analysis: Strategic Planning Made Easy
“Strategic Planning” sounds a lofty pursuit and perhaps beyond our humble capabilities. Not so with a SWOT Analysis. Learn how to do a SWOT analysis using the SWOT matrix and become an effective strategic planner today, achieving your goals....

2. Lewin's Force Field Analysis: Decision Making Made Easy
Kurt Lewin’s Force Field Analysis is a simple yet effective decision making model to add to your management tool-kit. Here’s the low down on how to use force field analysis to make better decisions, quickly, for yourself or with others.


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