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January 21, 2009

January - Management for the Rest of Us

When you’re finding your management feet, bad bosses can teach you much more than a terrific boss.  Sure, it’s painful to be shouted at, humiliated, ignored or mis-understood, but knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do.   And with a bit of perseverance, you’ll outrank your boss in no time :o)

Spotting and stopping a bad boss from spoiling precious human resources is an ongoing challenge.  To deal with a bad boss, you need a multi-pronged attack to stop the rot before stress, attrition, and reduced productivity are the norm.  Learn how to spot and stop a bad boss here, in this new article.

The Business Case for iManagement

If FedEx are prompt and Apple is sleek, how does your organisation’s leadership “brand” it?  Ulrich and Smallwood’s new “Leadership Brand” book defines why a strong leadership brand will outperform companies with non-descript or weak leadership.  Read the article outlining the book or get the 5 page, 10 minute summary now…

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley…

Roughly translating Scotland’s national bard, Robert Burns, the best laid plans often go wrong, which could be applied to your Personal Development Planning.  Last months’ survey says;

  • 50% of you have a Personal Development Plan, and 50% don’t.
  • 52% of you are required to have a PDP for your job.
  • 43% of you have never had a PDP, 20% reviewed their PDP last month, and 10% haven’t looked at their PDP in over a year.
  • 34% of you need help starting their PDP, 32% don’t prioritise their PDP, 26% don’t have access to resources, 20% have an unfocused PDP, and 13% of you have unrealistic deadlines or are too ambitious.

For those who need help starting, there is a whole section of Management For The Rest Of Us dedicated to Personal Development Planning including the topical article How to keep New Year’s Resolutions; 5 Goal Setting Tips

This month I’d like you to Rant or Rave about your manager, in this tiny 4 question survey.  Has a toxic boss ruined your working life?  Have you been nurtured by a terrific boss?  Let me know…

Warm Regards
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Lyndsay Swinton

PS If you participate in the survey I’ll let you in on the results next month :o)

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2. How to Recognise the Bad Boss and Stop the Rot
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3. Leadership Brand: Why companies with a strong leadership brand outperform their rivals.
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