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October 12, 2006

October - Management for the Rest of Us

Apparently, if you chuck a frog into a pan of boiling water, it will hop straight out again. But if you put him in cold water and slowly heat it up, he will sit there until well and truly poached.

Your and your team's life changes as time goes by. Sometimes it's for better but sometimes it's for worse. The secret's knowing whether you're in hot water or getting slowly poached!

If you want a different perspective on how to be a great manager and notice the poaching frogs, read my article on Basic Human Needs and make sure they're being met.

If you want to put workplace psychology into practice, read my article on Adams Equity Motivation Theory. Work days fly by when you're motivated, so take time to find out how you can increase your and your team's motivation at work.

It's no surprise motivated people love learning, and you can be more effective when you know which learning style suits you best. Find out about Kolb's Learning Style Inventory and how that links to Honey and Mumford Learning Styles and Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicators.

I really was very busy writing articles this month, and did a quick no fluff, no filler, just facts article on how to write an employment termination letter. This is from the darker, scarier side of management responsibility, but you really have to get these things right (or you'll end up in boiling water!). Whether you're faced with dismissing someone or not, it's good to know what you're meant to do.

Have a great month, and think of me as I get wetter and wetter in Scotland's monsoon season!

Warm Regards
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Lyndsay Swinton

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1. Apply Basic Human Need Principles To Your Work And Home Life and Increase Your Happiness Today
Applying basic human need principles to your work and home life can increase your happiness. How? Well, I bet you don't take your car to the mechanic when the petrol warning light comes on, so why look for complicated solutions when your own warning lights come on?

2. Adams Equity Motivation Theory; Put Workplace Psychology Into Action and Increase Motivation
John Stacey Adams's Equity Motivation Theory allows you to put workplace psychology into action and increase your own and your team's motivation.

3. Kolb's Learning Style Inventory and Kolb's Learning Cycle Explained - no fluff, no filler, just facts
Kolb's Learning Style Inventory and Kolb's Learning Cycle are the two key models in current use relating to adult learning and development. Knowing your own and your team's learning style allows you to grow and develop more effectively, building skills and experience, allowing you to meet your life goals.

4. Sample Employee Termination Letter: The Rough and Ready Guide to Employment Termination
Employers must use proper employment termination letters, so here are some sample employee termination letters to get you started.


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