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March 14, 2006

March - Management for the Rest of Us

Imagine the scene. You're getting your annual appraisal. You've worked hard and feel a modest pay rise would be a fair reward for the efforts you've made. Except your boss hates everyone except his pet employee, and that's not you. How do you deal with this situation? Have a showdown with your boss? Accept you'll get passed over again for a fair reward? Or do you deal with the situation in another way.....?

I moderate on the workplace psychology section of a popular forum, and people regularly post asking for advice on how to deal with bad bosses. In some cases, the person is being bullied and suffering from the emotional burden this places on them. Being on the receiving end of bad behaviour is tough going, but the silver lining to the cloud is that you learn most from your worst boss.

To save you grief, I've written an article on 7 bad management styles with solutions on how to deal with them effectively, and given you the lowdown on how to recognise and deal with bullying in the workplace.

So, back to the appraisal. Yes this happened to me, many moons ago. My solution was to prepare thoroughly and present my case calmly and factually. When my hackles started to rise, instead of going in for the kill, I chose to manage my emotions by doing mental one finger salutes to my boss. Believe me it's impossible to get angry when you're making mental mischief! Kind of like imagining your boss is in his underpants, that kind of thing. Anyway, we both got through the appraisal unscathed, and come pay time, I had a few more pounds in my pocket. Result!

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1. How to Deal With a Difficult Boss: Solutions to 7 Bad Management Styles
It's often said, people don't quit a job, they quit a boss. Here to help you recognise and deal with a difficult boss, are solutions to 7 different types of management style.......

2.Workplace Bullying: How to recognise and deal with bullying in the workplace
What can you do if you are being bullied at work, or use bullying tactics yourself to get the job done? This workplace bullying article will help you recognise and deal with bullying at work.....


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