Back to Back Issues Page Newsletter #22 – How’s Your Inner Sloth? - July 13, 2006
July 13, 2006

July - Management for the Rest of Us

My inner sloth is mad. Sure, it was happy my one-year-old was in nursery one more day a week. But to spend my extra day creating a new shop on my website, a new audio download and a site search function - that really made it mad!

Find out why my inner sloth is mad by taking a look at my new shop.

Find the time to boost your management skills by listening to my Giving and Receiving Feedback mp3 audio download. My loyal newsletter readers can get this download for a time-limited discounted price of $4.95 (which you'll receive at Paypal checkout). You can listen to the mp3 audio download from your computer, on your i-Pod on the way to work, or as you exercise, and learn effortlessly. Finally you can hear my lovely (ahem!) Scottish accent!

And having listened to your feedback, I've added a Search function, to make it easier to find the article you're looking for or find further resources on the web. You'll find the Search function just below the newsletter sign-up.

My inner sloth was ready to pack its bags and leave me forever when I also wrote two new articles for you. Conflict Management is made easy with this article Workplace Conflict Management: Strategy for Successful Resolution. Using the Conflict Management Model, you will learn how you can reduce aggressiveness and hostility and increase co-operation and effectiveness.

Laughter at work can be viewed suspiciously, but Friday Frolics can lift flagging energy levels and put smiles on people's faces. Here are 3 Ideas for Group Team Building Activity. Make your inner sloth happy!

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Lyndsay Swinton

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1. Workplace Conflict Management: Strategy for Successful Resolution
A successful workplace conflict management strategy will reduce hostility and aggressiveness at work. Learn how to improve your conflict management skills, with this conflict management article.

2. Friday Frolics: 3 Ideas for Group Team Building Activity
A little mischief and nonsense can be the most powerful group team building activity. Introduce a Friday Frolic at your work with these 3 fun team building activities.


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