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June 13, 2006

June - Management for the Rest of Us

My nose has been well and truly on the proverbial grindstone, so thankfully this newsletter is on time!

Here are a couple of interesting finds for June...

Some clever Dutch researchers have been busy and recently published reports on Creativity and Group-work. In short, their studies found that Creativity is enhanced when you distract yourself with other tasks, leaving your unconscious mind to do the thinking for you. Now you have a legitimate excuse to doodle, tidy your desk and walk the dog instead of doing what you're meant to be doing! Oh, and go fishing :>)

If we generate ideas more productively alone, but are more satisfied with creative brainstorming in groups, what is the right approach? The study found that students working in groups were more satisfied with their performance and had less sense of failure than students who worked alone. I guess the secret is to work harder at ideas generation in groups - if you need help, buy my Icebreakers and Creativity Guide

And who said management skills are just for managers? Whilst volunteering for my local Toy Library, I was asked about how to take meeting minutes, and how to do a disciplinary! So, whilst juggling a baby and a cup of tea, I dispensed my advice…. (before you call the child protection agency- I wasn't REALLY juggling the baby!)….. which you can read about here - 4 Top Tips on How to Take Meeting Minutes and How to Be More Assertive: Discipline Made Easy

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1. 4 Top Tips on How to Take Meeting Minutes
Knowing how to take meeting minutes accurately and communicate them quickly is an invaluable business communication skill. Learn how to take meeting minutes effectively, in this short article.

2. How to Be More Assertive: Discipline Made Easy
I learned the hard way how to be more assertive at work. After spending a couple of turbulent years hiring, firing and bringing factory workers into line, I figured out the best way to be firm but fair..


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