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April 12, 2005

April - Management for the Rest of Us

Spring is in the air for us Northern Hemisphere folk, and it's a good time as any to clear out all the debris that has accumulated in the last few months and learn something new. So, to help expand your knowledge base and pique your curiousity, here are two articles on slightly different topics to usual.

Good mental health is a luxury not enjoyed by all, and work can be a major contributing factor. Depression affects approximately 1 in 8 women and 1 in 16 men, so it's highly likely you have experienced depression first hand, or know someone who has. Dealing With Depression In The Workplace will inform you about what to look out for and what you can do, and make you a more effective leader, manager, parent or friend.

Disability disrimination legislation in the UK has recently been extended to include dyslexia. Regardless of your country, it's useful to be more aware of what dyslexia is, how it can affect people, and what you can do to support people with dyslexia - Learning Disability: Dyslexia in the Workplace article. (Why is that word so hard to spell??)

The seeds of these articles were planted on my voluntary adult education course, which has opened my eyes to the challenges people face in their everyday life. Without meaning to appear political in the run up to the UK general election, significant government funding has been provided to support the 7.8 million (or about 20%) of people assumed to have the lowest levels of literacy. Low basic skills are a barrier to employment and civic participation, and those in work with low basic skills earn on average 11% less than people who have sufficient literacy skills. So, anything I can share with you to increase literacy skills and improve mental health, in my eyes, can only be a good thing!

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1. Dealing With Depression In The Workplace
It’s vital to be informed about mental health, especially if you want to be an effective leader, manager, parent, or friend. What to look out for and what you can do about depression in the workplace....

2. Learning Disability: Dyslexia In The Workplace
Dyslexia awareness has increased in the last few years, and it's important for managers to understand this learning difficulty so that they can work with people with dyslexia effectively.


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