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June 14, 2005

June - Management for the Rest of Us

The key to being successful is knowing what to do, when. And the tricky bit - knowing when it's better for someone else to take the strain. You already delegate without realising - think about something as simple as your daily cup of coffee. Did you grow the beans? No. Did you nurture the cows that produced the milk? No. Did you manufacture the coins you used to pay for it? No - okay, I'll stop now I've made my point.

If we're so happy to let the coffee shop do all the hard work, why is it that we get so hung up about delegating tasks at work? Is there some deep fear of showing weakness by not being able to "do it all"? If you want to learn how to leave work on time and do more by doing less, then take some time over your coffee break to read about effective delegation.

A recent US study found that we will have over on average 10 jobs, way before we even think about retiring. So it stands to reason that we'll have at least one exit interview as we move around the job market, to find out why we're moving on. The upheaval of changing jobs can be emotionally challenging, and the formal exit interview needs to be treated with due respect and care. Here is a mini survival guide to exit interviews to help you get through an exit interview emotionally intact.

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