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December 14, 2006

December - Management for the Rest of Us

"Don't open your mouth and let your belly rumble"
Wilma Swinton, 1989.

My mum might not have known how to do a flashy powerpoint presentation but she knew when you open your mouth you'd better make it count. Or else bear the consequences.

At some point in your working life you have to open your mouth in front of a lot of people. You've got to hope that pearls of polished wisdom pop out and not a great big belch of hot air! Here's a snappy oral presentation checklist to jog your memory.

Numbers can make you a better presenter.

Sounds unlikely? Your work weary mind may think so, and cast the notion aside like a used tea-bag, but dig a little deeper and you will see how numbers can be brilliant in most unexpected ways. This oral presentation rubric (marking scale), is just the ticket to presentation success. By breaking a presentation down into its key success criteria, then creating low to high examples for each one, you can objectively gauge your presentation ability, and take action to improve it.

And if giving a presentation gives you hot sweats and clammy hands….. then see a doctor! No really, stress at work affects 1 in 6 workers in the UK. Read more statistics on stress and what you can do to minimise workplace stress. This article is based on a recently published UK survey, and makes interesting, if troubling, reading.

Hot off the press.

The global student accounts magazine (ACCA) recently challenged students to follow my Personal Development Plan guide. Find out how one of the students got on with their individual development plan.

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PS My top tip for reducing workplace stress - move to Scotland and set up a Management Skills article website. Oh hang on, I think that's been done already :>)

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1. Statistics On Stress: What You Can Do To Minimise Workplace Stress
The recently published UK statistics on stress make troubling reading. Around 1 in 6 considers their work very stressful. Find out how to minimise workplace stress and maintain your physical and mental well-being

2. Become a Natural Presenter with this Simple Oral Presentation Checklist
This oral presentation checklist has been prepared to ease the process of preparing for and delivering a quality presentation. Even natural presenters use an oral presentation checklist to jog their memory and ensure they've got all bases covered. Presenting well is a learned skill and you can increase your presentation skills with these simple reminders.

3. Oral Presentation Rubric: How to Get Great Presentation Grades
Oral surgery may be preferable to oral presentations but you can successfully improve your public speaking with this oral presentation rubric. (To save you wandering off, a rubric is a marking scale, commonly used by teachers or lecturers to evaluate student performance). So how can a classroom tool be useful in the workplace…?

4. Focus On Individual Development Plan, with a real-life career development plan example
A good individual development plan will help you achieve your potential as it will help you identify skills gaps and improvement areas. Then you'll be able to get that job, go for that promotion, build your business further, or whatever you want. Find out how…


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