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Management for the Rest of Us #003 Cigarettes and Alcohol - October
October 12, 2004

October - Management for the Rest of Us

I figured last month's Goal Setting and Personal Development Planning e-books were probably still on your to-do list, so I’ve only included two articles this month to take the pressure off ;>)

There is a multitude of management models out there to confuse and confound, so I’ve taken two of the better models and translated them into more useful language in this months articles.

If you’ve ever wondered how to be more effective in a group, the “Johari Window” model is for you. Or, if learning how to learn is useful, take a look at the “Conscious Competence Learning Matrix”.

These articles will be added to a new section on the website called “Management Models Explained”, where I will translate useful management models into normal language and give Management Tips on how to apply the model in the real world.

As ever, this furthers my aim to turn corporate management nonsense into Management for the Rest of Us.

Warm Regards

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Lyndsay Swinton

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1. Increase Self Awareness and Be More Effective In Groups – The Case for Cigarettes and Alcohol in the Workplace
Cigarettes and alcohol can increase your personal effectiveness. “How can that be, they’re bad for you!” I hear you cry. Well, there’s a strong case for cigarettes and alcohol at work, and probably not the one you’d expect. Find out how these unlikely allies can increase you personal effectiveness (with a little help from the Johari Window model).

2. Learn About Learning – Smooth The Journey From Incompetence to Competence
We can learn from politicians. Controversial, I know, but an already infamous statement from US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld reveals a valuable insight into learning - vital knowledge for effective managers. Let’s see what Donald has to say about “conscious competence and the learning matrix”.


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